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MyDa is looking for ambitious students or professionals who have a passion for Data Analysis and have skills in programming, as well as knowledge of basic mathematics. Feel free to contact us if we sparked your interest!

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The challenge

These days there isn't a single person who does not know what BigData is. The truth is that lately most businesses, firms, and organizations base almost all of their working decisions on Data analysis. Data analysis is a process that includes everything from data inspection to machine learning and lately has become a very popular tool to base business decision making on. Data analysis is usually performed by professional data analysts who have been trained to be able to manipulate data as they like, notice patterns and convey what they have discovered to the customers. The entire process of data analysis sounds simple within itself until we consider the biggest issue for data analysis: human error. Missing data fields, incorrect data, incorrect format, data gaps and overall validation of the data correctness take up more time than the actual analysis of said data.

The solution

We aim to build a tool to help eliminate human error within data to help speed up and get more use out of the data analysis process.

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