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Printable Electronics on textiles
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An understanding of how electronics can be applied on textiles, as well as general circuit building.

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Printable Electronics on textiles

The challenge

Electrics such as smartphones are limited in their use by being an object separate from our body. If we want to unlock the full human potential, we need to break this separation. We believe that Clothing could be a fitting medium to carry the electronics without hindering the wearer. The use of electronics in clothing production is usually restricted by the presence of cables, which hinder flexibility and movement. The breakability, added-weight and comfort loss of utilizing conventional metal-based circuits make them impractical for sports/everyday uses. We hope to develop a Product that mitigates these problems.

The solution

Printable electronics on textiles, maintain the flexibility of the clothing item, without adding any useless bulk or added weight. Furthermore, they can be used as a means of production of smart-clothing, creating a truly symbiotic relationship between technology and the human body.

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