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The challenge

Is it always true that value equals money? And if it is how can we help those who produce a value in our society to be recognised as resourceful and get a compensation. University students can be considered the seed of knowledge and development for the immediate future ahead of us and educational growth is as valuable as the effort it requires. While education should be taken for granted worldwide, many struggle to afford attending university. No one can refuse that students are creating wealth and value, yet it is still evident that increasing tuition fees and expenditure costs seem to not facilitate students at all, not to neglect the fact that many can't even dream about it.

The solution

Imagine a university where you can pay the rent with the credits you got in your last exam: we are building it! KRED!T is a blockchain-based platform that, in partnership with universities, will allow students to create their own Digital-ID . Blockchain is a new secure technology where people can store their data securely without the need of a central regulator. The innovation in blockchain is that, being so secure, everything uploaded is not a mere copy of an original file but it has its intrinsic value, hence the birth of cryptocurrencies. Once everyone acknowledges the value of a specific activity or service, coins can be used as a common currency for payments, investments and so on. The vision of KRED!T is to implement features such as certified micro-credentials and a cryptocurrency based on the credits that students collect after passing exams(hopefully). Studying represents indeed hard work and it can be valued as such; the platform will keep track of the educational record of students and it will allow external individuals to invest in them. It will support students in many daily activities and add extra features for those that are not able to benefit from a more affordable educational system. Our vision is to create a network where students will have have their own digital-wallet in which they will securely hold all their information. This will stimulate and support them by giving them KRED!T for the value they are creating and maybe one day not only allow everyone an education but also getting everyone rewarded for it.

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