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Coding and Programming applications and website.

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The challenge

OneGuide is solving the problem of stressing too much while planning a trip/ vacations but also allows travelers to go to nontouristic places with the help of a local.

The solution

OneGuide is helping travelers to get the most out of their vacations. As a traveler, you are given the ability to choose a local guide with whom you can spend hours with to visit the most underrated places, enjoy unique experiences that only locals know about, and avoid the over touristic spots. Based on the traveler preferences, they can choose their guide depending on the type of activity that she or he can offer. Every guide is different and has their own tour proposition. Each member can be the guide of their own city in their own way. Whether you are a Photographer, an Architect or a Student the vision of the city depends on your experiences and your personality, which makes OneGuide the personalized tour planner which will let you share your vision of the city

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