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The challenge

The catering industry is very traditional and requires human interaction. Unfortunately, the catering industry is still not far developed in gathering and analyzing data. Organisations in the catering industry have no objective insight in the service they deliver to their customers, how their employees perform and what the behavior of their customers is. In a time in which technical developments are faster than ever and almost all organisations try to adapt to these fast changes. It's strange that there is no development and / or change in the catering industry. With SmarTender the catering industry enters a new era. From a very traditional one, to a measurable and insightful one, without losing the "Human touch" which is so important in the catering industry.

The solution

SmarTender is an intelligent coaster / tool which helps organisations in the catering industry with improving the delivered service and simultaneously gathering data. By placing coasters on all tables / places in for example a restaurant. SmarTender makes it insightful for personnel which customers to serve. The coasters measure the amount of liquid that is still in the glass. Whenever a glass becomes empty, a notification will be send to the person responsible for the table. Bartenders and waiters now know that certain customers might need some service. As said there are a lot of possibilities to analyse the data generated by SmarTender. From measuring performance of employees to measuring the behavior of your customers. It will all be possible using SmarTender.

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