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The challenge

Getting a good/better customer profile is crucial in this process for companies to sell their product/service. However, in terms of what customers are wasting, there is no customer insight. Tailoring marketing campaigns to this is an avenue that a company helps them in this. Furthermore, plastic pollution is damaging the natural ecosystem and there are not enough repositories for recycling entities to receive plastic waste and upcycle it. By showing support to this, companies improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Lastly, money is lost on inefficient waste pick up & disposal by governments, making it more expensive than necessary.

The solution

Plaex: a big data smart bin that identifies plastic waste in real time and aggregates its information. The plastic that comes into it is shredded and compressed to increase the bin's its storage capacity. --Consumer goods brands Plaex's waste data is given to consumer goods brands to improve their CSR marketing. Leading to greater customer loyalty. Resulting in higher profits. --Government Plaex's bins let the municipality know when the bins are full, providing actionable insights for their waste management. Mitigating wasted travel time for picking up unfilled bins. Reducing costs. --Recycling companies Plaex ensures that the plastic waste that is thrown into the bins are recycled. This therefore results in more supplied material for the recycling companies to further process. Increasing their profitability.

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