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Hope Café Guatemala
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We are looking for team members

If someone wants to join me that would be great! But this persons needs to commit and be aware of how important it is to make a societal change in Guatemala. Or contribute with ideas on how to implement a change using technology as well.

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Hope Café Guatemala

The challenge

Guatemala, a country where 59.3 % of the population lives below the poverty line and 23% live in extreme poverty and the most affected ones are indigenous people. Furthermore, only 30% of all Guatemalan girls from rural areas attend secondary school. Girls make up the vast majority of Guatemala's population of “school-less” children. With that being said, I want to create opportunities for their parents, giving the girls the opportunity to attend school, to dream, to be children, and to make education accessible for them.

The solution

How can I make this possible? Guatemalan coffee is considered one of the best coffee in the whole world. However, many indigenous people work in the coffee fields together with their children and they have to skip school in order to have money to eat and their parents sell their product for very little money to the rich, so they end up with almost no profit. These girls can't be children, the majority start working at the age of 10. That is why I want to create a sustainable environment where I can buy the products from them and sell it to different companies in The Netherlands and Europe, they will benefit from their products being sold in Europe making the profit they deserve, and have the resources to send their children to school. Through my business I want to create scholarships and grants, to help them to make it to the university for them to study abroad and to have the chance of changing their environment.

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