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The challenge

Jastip is an abbreviation of 'Jasa Titip', meaning 'entrusted someone to buy something' in Indonesian. Currently, there is an emerging trend in which people entrusted someone to buy something because they don’t have time to do so or simply the thing is uncommon. Be it souvenirs from overseas, limited edition item, or a book from a book fair. People who help to buy usually will go for shopping for some service fee in return. For example, when there is a book fair, the buyer will announce that (s)he will be in the venue for a period of time and people may ask him/her to buy a certain book with some service fee. Usually, the announcements were made at their private social media. But it is not effective since there are only few people in their circle and might not reach the people who indeed needs it.

The solution

To develop an online platform as a mediator between the buyer and requester, so that the requesters can easily find the items they are hunting for and the buyers can reach more people.

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